The X-nelians are the sentinel species native to planet X-nel XI. These species share very similar characteristics that of human beings. Stripped from the face of the planet, the race is pronounced extinct by Dal-G. During the X-nelian War, Dorn wiped out the race whilst Dal-G rebelled and stayed hidden in exile. The X-nelians were gifted in knowledge and wisdom, after the X-nelian Revolution Period, the X-nelians advanced in technology. The X-nelians built many generators to power their civilization and their technology, and were considered of great importance. The X-nelians placed great mechanical beings called Generator Guard Drones to protect these power producing mechanisms. Based on the lores left behind by the X-nelians, there is evidence supporting that the race divided into two civilization, the Formads and the Termads. These two civilization once lived together before the Fermads threw out the Termads in a rage provoked by not practicing their old rituals. The Termads moved toward the northern part of Atylo, and based on the lores, supports the possible fact that they may still be very well alive. However, the Formads' absence in the southern region and the lack of activity remains unknown.

Chozo ConnectionsEdit

Upon entering the Signia Temple, Samus scans two X-nelian Lores that reveal a potential connection with the Chozo specie.

X-nelian CharactersEdit