The J-Yel Chronicles: A Lego Metroid Story

The J-Yel Chronicles official title

Writter(s) Richard Leyva
Publisher(s) Unknown
Designer(s) Richard Leyva
Editor(s) Richard Leyva
Partner(s) Unknown
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Release Date(s) Unknown
The J-Yel Chronicles: A Lego Metroid Story is a chronicled mini-series said to be a prequel to Lego Metroid. The sets during the 5 X-nelian War years before and during Metroid Fusion leading into Lego Metroid.


The J-Yel Chronicles was originaly planned to be filmed in Stop-motion animation. However, through careful and thorough evaluation it has been concluded that the series would fit into a comic series enviroment -due to many restrictions and limited resources preventing the series to reach its full potential. The series is currently undergoing storyboarding and has already began production.




  • Prologue
  • Episode 1 -
  • Episode 2 -
  • Episode 3 -
  • Episode 4 -
  • Episode 5 -
  • Episode 6 -
  • Episode 7 -
  • Episode 8 -
  • Episode 9 -
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