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The Ancient Temple is an early X-nelian built temple powered by ancient technology. Built to protect their early built generator that powered their civilization before the Revolution Period.


The X-nelians built this temple to house one of their precious early built generators, guarded by several Gravity Drones and X Turrets. The X-nelians built the temple on various obstacles to keep intruders away. But soon creatures of sort began to make their way through the temple walls. X-nelian War Wasps made the temple their home as well as Fleestras and Fleecrams. The X-nelians also built the Generator Guard Drone III (considered their very first built Guardian Drone) to protect their generator, said to power their early civilization before evolving in technology. The X-nelians wanted their ancient temple to be ultimately secured in fear that their only generator (at the time) would be breached and shut down. So the X-nelians built a mechanical door capable of destroying intruders by what they considered, "magic". The door only allowed those of the purest of heart to enter.


To access the Ancient Temple, Samus enters a secret hanger where her ship relocated in Lego Metroid Episode 3 - The Ancient Temple. From there, a passageway lies on the left-hand corner of the room. Going through a small tunnel, Samus eventually makes it to the temple door. Surprisingly, the door opens automatically as if wanting Samus to enter. Entering, Samus finds herself transformed into a Tetris-like block. Samus concludes that this is the "magic" the X-nelians were talking about when they built the temple. Given a temporary new look, this new feature does not add any special abilities to Samus. The Ancient Temple consists of 12 rooms (including the secret rooms containing a teleporting stand and a Mysterious Brick).


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The Ancient Temple is featured in Lego Metroid Episode 3 - The Ancient Temple Part 2 of 2

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