Race None (X-nelian built)
Gender None
Attacks Turret
Weakness Base
Location Junkyard
Status Deceased
Reward Morph Ball Bombs
Featured in Lego Metroid
T-Gunners are security unit drones used to protect certain areas or items.

Physical AppearanceEdit

T-Gunners have a standard turret mounted on its head and one robotic arm. T-Gunners are a prototype to the AT-BT. Lacking movement but a 360° rotation, T-Gunners can't put much of a fight to smaller creatures in comparison to it's size.


T-Gunners are impervious to weaponry but lack support from it's mounted base. Extremely vulnerable to a simple charge shot, T-Gunners are easy to bring down.


T-Gunners use a single Turret system capable of firing automatically but it's damage ratio is only 0.5% compared to that of the Tri-Turret system damage ratio, which is 50%. In Episode 2 - A New Mission, Samus recently has a firing dilemma, where her arm cannon failed to shoot where she fought the T-Gunner. As to why that happened, remains unknown. After defeating the T-Gunner Samus gained the Morph Ball Bombs.