Space Pirate

Space Pirates

Space Pirates are a sentient aggressor species that appear throughout the Galaxy. They are sometimes referred to as Zebesian Space Pirates, or just Zebesians in the Super Metroid game manual, although later games have revealed that the Space Pirates are not native to the planet Zebes. This alien species specializes in raiding starships and planets in a quest for dominance in the galaxy. Their species has a wide range of morphological variations. They have been seen to have lobster-like claws in some appearances, but ordinary three-fingered hands at other times. Although only mentioned in Lego Metroid, Space Pirates are completely absent and seem to hold no official role in the mini-series's plot. However, speculation that Dorn is affiliated with this alien species has been confirmed when Samus Aran discovered the experimentation of Metroids and the rebirth of Ridley in the X-nelian Research Facility on planet X-nel XI.