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Species X-nelians
Homeworld X-nel XI
Born Unknown
Gender Unknown
Status Deceased
Location X-nelian Mine, Underground Research Facility, Signia Temple
Affiliation Unknown
Featured in Lego Metroid
This Easter egg character hasn't made any special interaction with Samus. This mysterious figure hides throughout the series. In Lego Metroid Episode 6 - A Lost Memory, Skeleton appears lying down beside a tree within the very room J-Yel and Samus are seen having a conversation. After the conversation, Samus scans Skeleton -downloading his bio into her ship's Scan Visor Memory Storage System.

Logbook EntryEdit

>Unknown Bioform: Skeleton

>Description: These remains date back about 5 years old. Evidence of battle scars are seen along the subject's spine, resulting in instant death. This could be the very remains of one of the X-nelians.


Easter EggsEdit

Template:Rare Skeleton appears in many areas throughout the mini-series.