Secret Hanger
Secret Hanger

Secret Hanger

Map Not Available
Location X-nelian Mine, Atylo
Level 0
Rooms 1
Items None
Inhabitants None
Featured in Lego Metroid
The Secret Hanger is where Samus' gunship relocated during Dorn's invasion of the X-nelian Mine. The hanger connects to the Ancient Temple where the Missing Keypad is located. Because of her ship's relocation, the locking mechanisms on the landing area cease function and would not unlock unless the Missing Keypad was recovered.


It is not revealed what the hanger was used for. The name likely tells that the X-nelians used to the hanger for secret activity, possibly during the X-nelian War.


It isn't specified where the hanger is but when J-Yel gave Samus a lift, he transported her to the hanger while going through the mines. Which can be concluded that the hanger connects to the X-nelian Mines.