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Samus Aran's Scan Visor is notably famous in the Prime trilogy. It allows Samus to scan objects to learn more about them. Only certain objects can be scanned and almost all enemies can be scanned, as well as most items. Unlike the Prime versions of the Scan Visor, with Samus' current Power Suit, she cannot store the scanned information in her suit. Instead the scanned information is automatically sent to Adam Malkovich, who analyzes the data, interprets it, and stores it in the ship's Scan Visor Memory Storage System for later review by Samus. Scanning alien Lores will allow Adam to decipher the coded text and give Samus background information about environments, history, etc.

First LookEdit

Samus' Scan Visor is, for the first time, featured in Lego Metroid Season II.

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Video AnnotationsEdit

  • Lego Metroid Season II will feature interaction between it's viewers. Where the Lego Metroid Wiki apart contains information about the series, this new feature will allow it's viewers to view the names of highlighted objects and find they're bio here in the Lego Metroid Wiki. Viewers will be able to keep up with the storyline and background with this new feature provided by YouTube.
  • Video annotations will also be added to Lego Metroid Season I episodes soon.
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