Sandoxes, ("Sandox" for singular), are a race of humanoid androids with a mysterious past. Suddenly appearing on X-nel XI, the Sandoxes ignited the war between the X-nelians and the Sandoxes, resulting in the X-nelian's disappearance. The Sandoxes are a brutal race lead by a single ruler known as, "Dorn". As told by Dal-G, Dorn awoke his army some 5 years ago, on the pursuit of a remote planet enriched with "resources". Finding X-nel XI by luck, Dorn sought the destruction of the X-nelian race and ordered a wide scale invasion, infiltrating the X-nelians precious power sources known as X-nelian Generators. Stripping the X-nelian race from the face of the planet, Dorn built an underground facility to hold his army and his technology, yet to make an appearance. Dal-G rebelled against Dorn long ago during the X-nelian War. He managed to steal the blueprints of the supposed secret weapon and plans to bring an end to Dorn. Although only stated by Dal-G, this supposed secret weapon has yet to make an appearance and based upon the evidence supporting that Dorn is affiliated with Space Pirates and Dal-G's possible involvement, Dal-G's statement is put to debate whether to be true or false. The Sandoxes are divided in two races, Dorn's Army and the Dal-G Rebellion. Dal-G, exiled and in hiding, helps Samus shut down four distinct generators connecting to Dorn, however, since Dal-G's suspected possible involvement with Dorn -Samus, Adam Malkovich, and Andra lead an investigation to exploit this dilemma alongside with J-Yel, who recently joined after having a revelation to his past. Dal-G's rebellion may be nothing more than a diversion.

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