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Richard Leyva is the Founder of the Lego Metroid Wiki. Also the Creator, Designer, Special Effects Artist, and Writer of the YouTube stop-motion animation mini-series; Lego Metroid (Original) and the revamp version, Lego Metroid (Revamp).


Richard was born in Miami, FL on November 15, 1990. Attended a variety of schools which include Marjory Stoneman Douglas Elementary, Village Green Elementary, W.R. Thomas Middle School, later transfering to Ruben Dario Middle School, and then attended Miami Coral Park Sr. High School. Graduating in 2009, Richard after, attended Miami Dade College for a brief time before halting his studies to pick up a part-time job to pay for school in the disapproval for Financial Aid services.

Richard took upon himself to create stop-motion animation films using Legos, creating Lego Metroid, to practice in the general field of animation. This continuing attempt, along with (unnamed & unannounced) future animation projects, is to help prep him into his future career in the Computer Arts Animation field -his dream career. Eventually he hopes to incorporate his career into the Video Game Industry -his life-long dream.

Did you know?Edit

  • Did you know... that 001rich100's Lego Metroid series concept started drafting in late 2006?
  • Did you know... that 001rich100 released the first-ever trailer of his Lego Metroid series on YouTube? However, because of other YouTube users who wanted to push his videos to be deleted constantly flagged the first trailer, the video eventually was removed from the site and re-uploaded once fans began supporting 001rich100.

Other WorksEdit

Richard is also the Creator, Desginer and Writer of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS' Flipnote Studio 3D animation mini-series, Lego Metroid Anima.

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