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Pulse Beam

Pulse Beam Datacon
LM (Original) - Signia Temple
LM (Revamp) - N/A
High; Short-range piercing ability
Concentrates bursts of energy;
Capapble of destroying Exosian Ore
Special uses
Used to interact with
Pulse Beam Systems; destroy
Exosian Ore
Featured in

The Pulse Beam emits intense energy as each charged shot is fired. The beam has a limited short-range piercing ability and therefore difficult to wield against enemy targets that are far away. The intense energy emitted with each charged shot is enough to make any electrical, robotics, or systems to overload- causing explosion within seconds.

(Revamp) AnalysisEdit


(Original) AnalysisEdit

The beam is the latest weapon system designed by the X-nelians. The Pulse Beam is the only beam capable of mining through X-nelian Ore and is used to interact with the Pulse Door Interface System along with several other systems designed specifically for this beam. Within the Signia Temple, Samus obtains the Pulse Beam only by clearing the room holding the Infinitus Drone. The following room contained this X-nelian prize.


  • The Pulse Beam was first introduced in Metroid Prime as a Space Pirate mining laser cannon. However, the two share no relationship.


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