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The Plasma Beam is a heat-producing weapon that has a short-range piercing ability or a long-range non-piercing ability depending on the distinct upgrade.


In Lego Metroid (Original), the Plasma Beam makes it's appearance as a long-range non-piercing fire blast when Ridley squares off with Samus. The Plasma Beam also appears as a long-range piercing laser when Samus fights the Infinitus Drone and again when battling Fuugos. The Plasma Beam played no important role for Samus in this Lego Metroid (Original).


Lego Metroid (Original):

  • The Plasma Beam does not become an upgrade for Samus.

Lego Metroid (Revamp):

  • Various hints indicate the Plasma Beam may be an upgrade for Samus in Lego Metroid (Revamp); however, it is not yet confirmed.


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