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LeyvArc Official Logo

LeyvArc (formerly known as RL Studios) is the logo used for productions of all Richard Leyva films, including the stop-motion animation mini-series Lego Metroid.

001rich100 was formerly used as an additional trademark to purpose the concept or process of animation and media, which is also no longer used.

Programs used for stop-motion include:

  • Adobe After Affects CS2
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2
  • Windows Paint
  • Windows Movie Maker

Adobe After Affects CS2 is mainly used to add special effects like; sparks, explosions, rain, debris, dust, layers, etc.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 is mainly used to create transitional photos to be used later on in Adobe After Effects.

Windows Paint is occasionally used to create drawings to be edited on Adobe Photoshop, where when certain effects can only be drawn in Paint. The drawing is then applied to Adobe After Effects after edited in Photoshop.

Windows Movie Maker is the main and only program used to create the stop-motion animation sequence, as seen in the mini-series, Lego Metroid. This program also allows users to add sound effects and music to the animation.

These programs are used together to help create a beautiful animation film full with special effects, sound effects, and visual effects -giving the animation a well-based quality when mastered correctly.