Lego Metroid: The Movie
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Lego Metroid: The Movie Title

Writter(s) Richard Leyva
Publisher(s) TBA
Designer(s) TBA
Editor(s) Richard Leyva
Partner(s) RL Studios, 001rich100 Pictures, INFINITUS DESIGN
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Release Date(s) TBA

Lego Metroid: The Movie is the final chapter to the Lego Metroid mini-series. Project is planned to begin production in late 2010 and is expected to take as long as 6 months to complete.


Lego Metroid: The Movie is set to begin production sometime between early March and mid August. Once started, the project will have a 6-9 month duration period which will be worked on. The movie is expected to be as long as 1 hr. and 30 min., having at least 7-8 parts to the entire movie. However, the parts will be released simultaneously on it's release date.