Level 1 - Junkyard
X-nel XI Map (3)
Level 1
Rooms 11
Items Super Missile Expansion, Morph Ball Bombs, Mysterious Brick
Inhabitants Drone Keepers, T-Gunner, Generator Guard Drone II
Featured in Lego Metroid
The Junkyard is an underground facility where the X-nelians once dumped their waste material, managed and disposed of by their Generator Guard Drone II. The facility was abandoned after the X-nelian War.


"Samus, I received updates from Dal-G. The location of the first generator lies secretly underground where all once lived X-nelians dumped their scraps. Fortunately, they don't dump their organic waste there..." -Adam Malkovich to Samus Aran

After constructing the Ancient Temple, the X-nelians felt it was necessary to build another generator, one that would dispose of their waste material. Although the generator was created to manage and dispose their wastes, it also powered their civilization. They built another Generator Guard Drone (at that time and still is the Generator Guard Drone II), to secure their power generator.


It is not specified on how Samus enters the Junkyard or where it is, but certain clues in Episode 2 - A New Mission reveal that the location might be near the X-nelian Mine.


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  • You can find Ridley's head at the entrance of the Junkyard, as an easter egg.
Ridley\'s Secret Appearance

Ridley's head appearing at the Junkyard Entrance.


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The Junkyard is featured in Lego Metroid Episode 2 - A New Mission Part 2 of 2