Infinitus Drone
Infinitus Drone

Infinitus Drone
Long-range Plasma Beam
Safe passage to the Pulse Beam room
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Unlike most of Dorn’s army, Infinitus Drones are reliable and perform their assigned tasks well. They are capable of scanning their targets to exploit the target’s weakness and are installed with long-range Plasma Beams. Infinitus Drones are placed in areas that are of high importance. These drones secure their assigned areas. When alerted, Infinitus Drones initiate intense combat in attempt to neutralize the intruder. A design flaw makes the Infinitus Drone weak under its base.


The design flaw in the Infinitus Drone makes it weak under its base. A simple charged shot or missile is enough to bring the drone down. However, it will not render it destroyed. The flaw only prevents function for several minutes before rebooting. The true weak point lies in the drone's mainframe, located within its head. the Pulse Beam is strong enough to overload the drone's systems.


Upon entering the Infinitus Drone's room, Samus fights the drone and defeats it by firing a Super Missile directly at the exposed weak point under the drone's body. After acquiring the Pulse Beam, Samus again fights the drone who appears to show no weakness from the first battle. With the new Beam upgrade, Samus is able to destroy the Infinitus Drone by firing the Pulse Beam directly into the drone's mainframe. In Dornian, Felix and Connor help Samus bring down another Infinitus Drone.


The Infinitus Drone was named after 001rich100's partner's filming title, INFINITUS DESIGN.


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