Impact Crater
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The Impact Crater is the result of a stellar object impacting X-nel XI 5 years ago. It is believed that after impact, Dorn's Army invaded X-nel XI and started the X-nelian War. During the war, Dorn began building his underground facility to house his army and his technology.


About 5 years ago, a stellar object, named the Unholy Star, impacted X-nel XI. The object is believed to be the vessel that carried the Sandox race that invaded X-nel XI and wiped out the X-nelian race. The vessel has somewhat disappeared and what remains of the impact is a large crater. Underneath the crater's soil lies a complex multi-level subterranean facility built by the Sandox race. This is Dorn's base of operations. Here, Dorn oversees all activity and can still command his army even through the X-nelian Power Locks encasing Dorn within his lair. It is believed that during the war, the X-nelians encased Dorn within his lair after realizing they could not destroy him.


Below the Impact Crater is a serious of complex sublevels that hinder intruders. It also houses many laboratories for research and experiments conducted by Dorn. Dornian is armed with heavy artillery and doors double-coated with X-nelian Ore.

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