<center>Samus's Gunship</center>
Manufactured Date
Hunter Class 2-Y
115 tons
Crew Count
Power Source
Different Landing Positions, Auto-Pilot,
Homing Locating Device,
Scan Visor Memory Storage System.

The Hunter Class 2-Y Excavator is completely designed and manufactured by the Galactic Federation having biotech computers allowing the ship to engage in complex activities and have basic intelligence. After the events of Metroid Fusion, Samus receives and new ship specifically designed to excavate exotic environments, rarely used for combat but for evasive action. The Galactic Federation installed Adam Malkovich to the ship's primary system, allowing Adam to communicate with practically anyone who sends Samus a transmission. Adam is capable of receiving encoded signals, analyzes it and then deciphering it. Adam can also access all information about the environment, history, analyze and decipher different languages, scan native creatures, and scan full maps of close facilities within the landing location and of course, pilot the ship if needed. Equipped with 2 different landing positions designed to accustom different landing locations; auto-pilot; a Homing Locating Device, used to search Samus's current position when her suit takes critical damage; and a Scan Visor Memory Storage System, used in conjunction with Samus' Scan Visor to store scanned information by either Samus or by Adam. The ship can first be seen docked on the D.Y.G.A Cruiser.

Ship LayoutEdit

Hunter Class 2-Y Excavator Layout

Samus's Gunship Layout:

Different Landing Positions:


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