Generator Guard Drones or GGD are great machines or drones created for the very purpose as stated in the name, to guard generators. The X-nelian race created many generators to power their civilization when they were alive, whether it was for technological purposes or simply to power the civilization. The X-nelians always feared the loss of power so thus created Generator Guard Drones to protect these very important generators. It is believed that there were many, possibly hundreds, of generators scattered across Atylo. However, since the X-nelian War, many important facilities and cities were destroyed by Dorn. The few facilities that remain were believed to be of great importance to Dorn.

Known Generator Guard DronesEdit

These Generator Guard Drones are numbered by their appearance in the Lego Metroid series and not by their serial number of creation.

  • Generator Guard Drone I - This drone was not designed to protect one of the four main generators needed to shut down Dorn's secret weapon. Although its purpose was to protect the generator in the Communication Tower, it is unknown as to why the drone caused the tower's power failure when Samus attempted to turn on the main central computer.
  • Generator Guard Drone II - This drone protected the first of the four main generators needed to shut down Dorn's secret weapon. Located within the X-nelian Junkyard, the drone was utterly destroyed in seconds during combat when a Unidentified Tentacled Creature appeared from the ground and drained the drone's energy.