Generator Guard Drone IV
Generator Guard Drone IV

<center>Generator Guard Drone IV</center>
'Tri-turret system'
Support 'ankles'
Access to the Generator Room

Generator Guard Drone IV (GGDIV) is the fourth drone Samus encounters. This Generator Guard Drone protects one of the four generators Samus needs to shut down. The drone is located in the X-nelian Research Facility deep underground where Dorn's army cannot reach.


The Generator Guard Drone IV is supported by three support beams, two located in the front and one heavily protected in the back. A single charged shot on the ankle joint of the drone will weaken the support beam and cause temporary irregular function to the drone. Shooting two of the three support beams will bring down the Generator Guard Drone and cause the drone to fall into the dark pit below.


The Generator Guard Drone IV uses it's rotating 'tri-turret' system as it's primary and only weapon system. Though the Generator Guard Drone IV is not capable of firing automatically but only once, the drone was built to automatically rotate and switch it's turret for the next firing sequence. Doing so, once a turret was shot it had to recharge during the transition between turrets in order to shoot again.


  • The Generator Guard Drone IV is actually a Star Wars action figure. The Tri-Droid action figure is simply turned upside-down and it's legs are reversed.


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