Generator Guard Drone II
Generator Guard Drone

Generator Guard Drone II
LM (Original) - Junkyard
Inconclusive; (Known to ram)
Unarmored head; Morph Ball Bombs
Access to the Generator Room
Featured in

Generator Guard Drone II (GGDII) is the second drone Samus encounters. This Generator Guard Drone protects one of the four generators Samus needs to shut down. The drone is located in the Junkyard.


The Generator Guard Drone II has a difficult to reach weakness, it's plated head. Samus's conventional weapons cannot penetrate the platted head. Mysteriously already built, a Ion Laser Cannon rests next to the Generator Guard Drone II's pit. A simple low-energy blast on the starting pad can power up the cannon. The canon automatically locates the target's weak point and fires the Ion Laser. Doing so will reveal the Generator Guard Drone II's major weak point behind the platted head. A morph ball bomb can weaken the drone, 5 bombs to it's naked head will ultimately destroy the drone.


The fight scene was short in comparison to others Samus encountered, and was evidently interrupted by an Unidentified Tentacled Creature that emerged below the drone, draining the drone's energy.


Lego Metroid (Original):

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