Fleestra (Larvae) 2
Location LM (Original) - The Ancient Temple
LM (Revamp) - Pixelsia
Homeworld Exosia
Attacks Stinging
Weakness Screw Attack
Behavior Mildly aggressive
Featured in Lego Metroid (Original)
Lego Metroid (Revamp)

Fleestras (Larvae) are small plant-like organisms that appear from the ground when it senses a disturbance on the surface.

Lego Metroid (Revamp) AnalysisEdit


Lego Metroid (Original) AnalysisEdit

Fleestras are a rare specie and only dwell in humid and dark places. These creatures use their extended tails with a poison barb, at the tip, to poison it's prey. Disregarding its prey's size, Fleestras will attack anything. These creatures have one eye and is highly sensitive to light, due to it's natural habitat in dark and humid places. The eye covers the entire "head" of this creature and hides it's brain inside the eye. The eye is designed to act as a super sense feeling the slightest vibration on the surface to find small prey. Fleestras are vulnerable to predators when they appear from the ground. Through a 2-month cycle of eating, Fleestras shed into a larger organism called, Fleecrams. When evolved, Fleecrams develop a stronger shell around it's eye allowing it to be more aggressive. Fleestras are invulnerable to beam weaponry, but can be destroyed via Screw Attack.