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The Dox Suit is product of Dal-G's attempt to alter Samus' Fusion Suit.

Lego Metroid (Original) AnalysisEdit

(In Lego Metroid (Original)) Although the operation was successful, it's reason behind it's faulty design, later to prove fake during her quarrel with Ridley in the X-nelian Research Facility, remains unknown. It could be conceived that her Dox Suit help restructured her original Fusion Suit, but remains to be unclear. Dal-G doesn't confirm any allegations Samus makes about her suit during the confrontation in Botem Cavern. However, according to Dal-G, the suit helps Samus to blend in with Dorn's army and allow her to enter, otherwise impenetrable, territories. During her first engagement with the Generator Guard Drone I within the Communication Tower,Samus launches a missile only inches between them. Recoiled and unconscious, Dal-G ordered her rescue after learning of her presence. Samus is rescued and brought to a secret mine facility, the X-nelian Mines, to be operated on -altering her suit and hence acquiring the Dox Suit.

The suit alters her default weapon system, notably her Arm Cannon. Once acquiring the Dox Suit and returning her Arm Cannon, Samus acquires the Dox Beam as her new default weapon system, like the Power Beam. The Dox Beam is capable of stunning circuits or machinery with each shot fired. In Episode 2 - A New Mission, Samus recently has a firing dilemma, where her arm cannon failed to shoot when she fought the T-Gunner. Samus regains her Power Suit once again while squaring off with her old nemesis, Ridley, her suit malfunctions and comes off. With this in mind, Samus realizes that the suit was nothing more but a fake and her Power Suit along with her weapon systems return to normal.

Lego Metroid (Revamp) AnalysisEdit




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