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Dorn is the mysterious figure, yet to be revealed, accepted to be the main antagonist in the Lego Metroid series.


According to Dal-G, Dorn invaded X-nel XI with Dal-G as his right-hand general. Dorn initiated the X-nelian War and seems to have driven the X-nelians into extinction. According to Dal-G, he exiled himself when he could not understand the purpose of the invasion and schemed to stop Dorn from ravaging the X-nelian Generators to harvest its energy. Dal-G failed and in an attempt to spoil Dorn’s plans he stole a supposed blue print to his secret weapon, which by means never made its appearance so far. Dal-G relocated underground in the X-nelian Mines for 5 years, gathering scrap metal left behind by the X-nelians to build his small Dal-G Rebellion. After constructing enough troops, Dal-G entered the Communication Tower to send a distress signal in hopes of attracting attention to whoever seemed fit for his mission to stop Dorn. Even after the four generators shut down, Dorn still refuses to make an appearance. Samus begins to unravel this dilemma by confronting Dal-G and questioning him, only to confirm her suspicions when Dal-G refuses to join her at gunpoint.


Droids assumed to be of Dorn origin:



(Possibly) Dorn speaking to Dal-G

In Lego Metroid Episode 5 - Darkness, Dal-G made an ending appearance speaking to a large intelligent entity. It is believed that, who Dal-G perceived as Mother, is none other than Dorn himself. It is also believed that this entity resembles that of Mother Brain, confirming the possibility that Dorn is affiliated with Space Pirates and possibly Mother Brain herself.



  • Due to the striking similarities to Mother Brain and Dal-G's refference to Dorn as "Mother", it seems all too obvious to fans of the series that Dorn really is Mother Brain; however, Richard Leyva has not confirmed this.