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Presumably Zebes

The Chozo were an ancient race of birdlike beings that inhabited several planets in the cosmos, including Zebes, Elysia, SR388, Tallon IV, Bryyo and likely others. Although the eventual fate of the race as a whole is unknown, countless ruins and technological wonders are littered throughout the many of the planets they once inhabited. The Chozo culture seems to have always been a peaceful one, prizing knowledge in all its forms. The Chozo were explorers in every sense of the word, simultaneously seeking scientific and technological advancement, interstellar exploration, and primal shamanistic wisdom. They often shared their wisdom with other races not as advanced as their own. The Chozo were the adoptive parents of Samus Aran, having found Samus at Earth Colony K-2L after a Space Pirate raid, destroying the colony and killing off her parents. The Chozo trained Samus to become a warrior of their people, and gave her the trademark Power Suit. Eventually Samus parted ways with the Chozo and became a Federation bounty hunter.

X-nelian ConnectionsEdit

Upon entering the Signia Temple, Samus scans two X-nelian Lores that reveal there may have existed two X-nelian civilizations and a potential connection with the Chozo specie.