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Andra is Samus's new C.O. Although Adam Malkovich returns on Samus's missions, Andra gives Adam commands for Samus. Andra captains the D.Y.G.A Cruiser now in orbit around X-nel XI. After Samus reveals the story to Adam, Adam contacts Andra, who in return finds this an opportunity to settle a new relation. Allowing Samus to continue her new mission, Andra contacts Dal-G in hopes for him to join the Galactic Federation. However, when Andra contacted Dal-G, they unknowingly gave away Dal-G secret base location to the enemy. Battle broke forcing Andra and Dal-G's line of communication to be put on hold. When Adam tried accessing Dal-G's relocation coordinates, he was denied until all four generators are shut down. Along with the information regarding the Metroid and Ridley, Adam contacts Andra and notifies her of the situation. Andra places Dal-G as a potential suspect on the account of affiliation with Space Pirates. Not yet confirmed, everyone is on high alert.


Before joining the Galactic Federation, Andra and her crew were a small band of rebels. They come from an unknown part of the universe and dare not to speak of their past. During the Battle of Etoga, the Galactic Federation Military was on the brink of defeat when Andra assisted the G.F., ultimately becoming victorious. The Galactic Federation invited Andra and her crew to join the Federation, commissioning Andra as one of the top commanders (like Admiral Dane) of the Galactic Federation Military. Andra accepted but demanded that their past was not to be kept on record. Once joined Andra helped the Federation with various missions, including the infamous Zebes mission. Andra studied Zebes and gave the Federation all the information on Zebes thus the Federation giving Samus her mission to destroy Mother Brain.



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